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It is here, in the green block below, that you receive a preview of your album pages. If you have included captions, story texts, family tree and selected your title page design and other options, you will see it all previewed here.
Just a reminder that there is no software to download, install and get acquainted with. All you need is Microsoft Word to type into, save and return.
We format the album pages for you according to image size and resolution, their importance and obvious grouping. If you need any help, call us or see more details here.
To get started, there are two files you need to use.
  • Download and complete the album input form.
    In this document, you select which of the images displayed in your photos page here to show in the album, and their order of appearance. Include any amount of text like captions and stories. The only cost for content is the cost per page for printing.
  • Download and complete the album preferences form.
    In this document, you select the overall design of your album such as whether it be adjustable or hard cover and other options including a family tree that you can input there too.
    You will need to refer to this album design page to complete the form.
When completed, return the forms by upload here.
You will then be notified that a mini-layout of your hard work can be seen here with all your input. You don't have to send it all at once. You can send some now and more later. You can make adjustments if any and submit the forms again for another preview (small fee applies each time).
This album worksheet may, if printed, help you sort your images and text.
You often need to calculate the age of a family member at a specific date. This calculator will help you with your captions and stories.
Our time saving process keeps you well organized, and before you know it, albums are constructed that you'll be so proud of.
Feel rewarded - make a start. Please note that if ever you stop, we will extract your typed input for you at no charge.
Happy archiving!
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The images here are of lesser quality for a quicker display on this web page. The image files you receive will be of full quality.

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