The three sections below deal with the design of your albums. We only produce A4 portrait size albums as seen throughout these web pages. You can select:
  • an adjustable album by colour
  • a hard cover album of various colours and cover material
  • the design and words on a title page shown on the cover of an adjustable album or the leading page of a hard cover album
You will refer to this page when completing your album pages.
Adjustable album
Adjustable album colours
adjust_album_red Arcam Red
adjust_album_green Arcam Green
adjust_album_black Arcam Black
Photo: Adjustable archive albums
Hard cover album
skivertex_black Skin Black
skivertex_blue Skin Blue
skivertex_green Skin Green
skivertex_red Skin Red
Missing photo: binded_books_in_shelf.jpg
buckram_2000_red 2000 Red
buckram_2001_maroon 2001 Maroon
buckram_2003_terracotta 2003 Terracotta
buckram_2004_royal_blue 2004 Royal blue
buckram_2011_black 2011 Black
buckram_2013-grey 2013 Grey
buckram_2014_navy_blue 2014 Navy blue
buckram_2016_dark_green 2016 Dark green
buckram_2017_purple 2017 Purple
buckram_2034_green 2034 Green
buckram_2036_brown 2036 Brown
buckram_2081_burgundy 2081 Burgundy
buckram_2082_midnight_blue 2082 Midnight blue
buckram_2086-orange 2086 Orange
Emboss front cover and spine
Album title page
9 album title pages are available.
Click on an album title page to enlarge it, then hover over the image for options including a slideshow.

Keyboard tip:
For manual image selection, the arrow keys are useful.