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We are pleased to display your images here when available.
Not only can you see the original images but also those shown with an "A" or "B" to indicate the improved versions. You may notice others marked C that could be nicer in an album if you like.
You will receive a message when it is time to view your images here. Then, if you like you can provide details for an album in the next page.
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9 film photos have been received, scanned, numbered and marked with an F.
2 digital photos have been received, numbered and marked with a D.
The F and D letter will not remain in the file names when delivered back to you.
You will of course receive the original and the fixed files.

11 photos have been treated with a level A fix.
2 photos have been recommended for more restoration work.
2 photos have since been treated with a level B fix.
Click on an image to enlarge it, then hover over the image for options including a slideshow.
The images here are of lesser quality for a quicker display on this web page. The image files you receive will be of full quality.

Keyboard tips:
For browser fullscreen, press F11.
Some images will enlarge further with the  F  key.
For manual selection of photos, the arrow keys are useful.