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Dear Andrew,
As requested by you, here you will see your archive online display to show your family in Europe
To send a link to them, simply look in the page for ..
etc etc
Cheers from ArcAm.
Dear Andrew,
We are happy to advise that a delivery containing your new albums and image/project files has been sent to you.
No job is too small on our part and it was a good idea to try a small order first ..
etc etc
Dear Andrew,
Welcome to your ArcAm project.
Your customer number is 1234 and your project pages contain that number in their web address.
When you are ready with your sorted images and documents, let us know ..
etc etc
Contact us
You can provide a message by phone on 02 88125848.
Sending your image material and/or files to us
Photo prints and other paper documents for scanning
Read how to prepare and send photo prints, negatives, slides and paper documents by parcel to ArcAm here.
File upload (any size)
All your digital images can be sent here in one action (give it time to appear), and into different folders you create there for sorting if you wish.
Send multiple files or make a ZIP file of all of them if you know how and send that.
If you have some other means to deliver your image files to us such as the use of a memory stick, please let us know. We can sometimes offer to come to you if you live in Sydney - to pick up your material, photograph some of your big items and scan some of your most valuable documents, time permitting.
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