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Philip writes ..
Don't expect great movie quality. The windup 8mm silent film movie camera allowed many people who had one to shoot home movies. No sound, but colour at least. Three minutes on each roll of film then sent away for processing.
Sadly, it is not until you get the film back to view on a film projector that you realize there is fluff or some rubbish hanging in the film gate at the time of shooting.
I shot most of the movies, but I do appear sometimes in the clips.
On stage ..
Paul Davidson was our regular roadie. He shot the movie of Heart 'n' Soul performing "Lazy Life" at the Ipswitch 4IP outdoor concert. Left to right: Craig Mannell, Robert Lloyd, Ian Willington, Graeme Willington, Jim Stanley, Lindsay Farr and myself on stage.
Paul is seen below in another clip on a swing with Dale Creary and sitting in the back of Dale's truck.
A channel 10 cameraman kindly agreed to shoot some film with my camera while Peter Sheehan and I appeared on black and white television in March 1969. Face make up for black and white television looks unusual but is important; the ghoulish makeup even more unusual for us. Ian Bannerman was 'Deadly Ernest' hosting links for his late night horror movies.
On the road .. touring north from Sydney and west to Adelaide ..
I think Alan is the name of the owner/driver of the grey Volkswagen Kombi van. He was also our Road Manager for awhile. The Willington's owned the blue kombi van. For three minutes in this movie we see Graeme Willington, Leith 'Corby' Corbett, Graham 'Bozo' Lewis and even me a bit in the grey van.
Racing circuit ..
Ian Willington, Graeme, Corby, Dennis Garcia and myself.
Rock slide ..
Ian, Graeme, Dennis and myself.
Then various clips of the same people plus Dale Creary.
Queensland Police border check ..
Brothers Phillip and Jamie Rigg had nothing to hide.
Petrol service station en route to Adelaide ..
Lindsay Farr, Eric Cairns, Geoff Habgood and myself at the end.
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