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Secure your family history the way you want it remembered – from scanning to formatted album.
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Your Ambition

If your ambition is to sort and archive your photographs, mementos, interesting documents, family tree and diary of events, then the sooner the better. The longer you leave it, the bigger it gets and the more that your memory fades. But we hesitate don’t we, because it can be a lengthy process and demand a lot of table space. You fear it may never get done let alone started, movies and videos too.


Such material is often stored away from easy access when all we need to do is digitize all your film photos (again the sooner the better), sort through all your photos, repair or enhance those images and display it all before your eyes in an adjustable ‘archive’ album or hard cover photo book. You may want captions and short stories added too. Easier said than done you say? If you have time to do it yourself, allow some considerable time.

Research suggests that about 50% of those with families or older are most interested. Many who are younger just shoot their photos into cyberspace like Facebook, yet some could be retrieved and archived sensibly. Also interested are those in possession of their parent’s collection. Organizations and groups sometimes want to archive their past too. Importantly, many true archives can be altered or extended in the future. So it is great for a work portfolio or a product catalogue too.

We can help you get started and provide incentive to even do it all yourself. Call us for advice. Download and save this Excel file called persons age at date calculator that you will find helpful.

Or if it’s your ambition then make it ours and save considerable time, complexity, cost and frustration. We are available Australia wide for those who want to archive their collection quickly and professionally. If quality and something really practical is more your style, then we are here to provide it.

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Our Ambition
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Band Archive updated May 2017 - Late 1960s jazz/rock band:
Heart 'n' Soul in Sydney, Australia grew to be thirteen young musicians with some quite varied sounds. This collection contains their music.
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Our vision
Everyone has a legacy worth keeping - life stories and visual memories no exception. Get smart archiving and a stylish practical presentation to pass on for generations.

A one stop shop for scanning, image rejuvenation and an adjustable archive album or photo book that includes selected images, captions, stories, family tree, memorable documents, drawings, paintings, handwriting, artefacts and so on.

All you have to do for an album is supply us the image material and any amount of text for the album like captions or stories. We will do the rest based on some options you give us. You simply type the text if any into a special form as you view your images displayed to you online. Your home page messages guide you through each step. If you fear sending such personal memories to us, then read more here.

Your archive can be undertaken in stages. Do a couple of years at a time if you like. It could be that a great portion of your legacy is undertaken now, such as all media prior to digital cameras. Then you can discard those old albums and photo prints, slides and negatives. All the new image files can be seen on computer. It could be for those creating a gift for someone or even producing something like a work portfolio or product catalogue. Remember, it can be an adjustable album. A true archive now and in the future.

What we do

Select from the following options.

Scanning – of your photo prints, slides, negatives, documents and newspaper clips. Your supplied material is given priority return.

Image enhancement – of your scanned images or provided digital images.

Image restore – repair blemishes, mainly of scanned images.

Album creation – There is no software to install. We format a simple but effective layout to your album pages for you. This saves you a lot of work if you want an album created.


First we display your images in your project web page. Those who have used our scan and fix service will be shown their original images and their restored images side by side for comparison, even in a slide show. From that display, you will select the images by number that you want shown in your album and their order of appearance. You will enter these details into a form kept with you until you send it to us for processing. You can if you wish add any amount of text as captions and stories. Text is inexpensive. Descriptions you already have in your digital file names can be copy pasted. We will format and display your album pages in your project on-line for your approval, and repeat that process until you are satisfied. Then you have one or both of the next two options.

Photo: Adjustable archive albums

Album printing – is printed either as an adjustable archive album (above) or a photo book (below). Read more here.

Photo: Hard cover albums

Album online – is a special display of your album(s) for those around the world you wish to give access to. Completely separate and isolated from your project pages, it can be password protected for each individual you give access to, or password withdrawn at any time - who sees it when. If you know someone who may want to contribute to your archive, show them the online display early. This display can, if you want, remain active long after your finished project is removed. To discourage printing from there, the album pages shown are less than print quality.

Delivery – is of your printed album(s), all computer image files both original and improved, and the album page files that you can easily manipulate and print yourself in the future.

Back up storage (presently inactive until enough interest is shown) – we store all your files highly encrypted with password as your backup should your files and or printed albums go missing. We will delete any record of this password once you confirm you have it. It could be that we attend to your archive again sometime if required.

All of the processes become clearer when you read the next section. You can look at a sample project, then start your own and progress through it selecting the options therein. We keep you informed every step of the way. You also have access to our frequently asked questions including some ideas and advice.

Start up
Missing photo: Process block diagram

A project (your project) is a set of three main web pages that only you have access to. A desktop computer installed with Microsoft Word and an Internet connection is required to undertake a project.

Your home page gives you direction in the form of messages. You can send us image files and other files securely from there. You can also view your ongoing account from there.

Your photos page and your album page show you the ongoing development of your images and album formatting as done by us and directed by you. It is by viewing these pages that you can input text if wanted and select the images you want shown in your album(s).

How secure and private are your project pages?
Is a deposit refundable?
How soon must a new project be started and completed? - Read more.

Project example
The archive project you can undertake will look like one that let's say Andrew started. There are a few top menu buttons to display your project pages. See the example here.

Project start
Apply to start your own project here. There is no obligation or deposit required to register. You will receive an email within days containing a link to your very own project you can undertake at any time.

Enter promo code 646 for this trial offer:

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Head Office
9:30am - 4:30pm  (NSW time)

6 Hilder Road (rear building)
Ermington  (metro centre)
NSW 2115

Phone: 02 88125848
If overseas replace 0 with 61

ABN: 30 932 483 241

A message to Archive Ambition can be sent by or by using this contact page. Pricing and quotes can be obtained by contacting Archive Ambition.

Your questions or ideas are important to us. We love to spend the extra effort to supply an appealing archive for you. If you think others may be interested in our archive process, you can send them this automated or subscribe them to our eNews.
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