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Philip writes ..
I last saw Dale in 2002 at George Crotty's Rock 'n' Roll reunion party in the Revesby Workers Club. He had formed his own band also called Heart 'n' Soul and gave me a CD copy of his band's music without track titles. You can play that music here. He was a dedicated musician and produced some great work.
Dale's son Cameron Creary writes ..
My whole life was growing up listening to Heart 'n' Soul music, Mowtown, blues, name it I grew up with it nearly every day of my life due to my father.

Even when he left Heart 'n' Soul he still kept his Hammond Organ. As he got older, the number of Hammonds grew. I think that I have at least 3 of them at home.

When he reformed Heart 'n' Soul many years later he still played with the big Hammond and twin leslie speaker cabinets on stage. He refused to play with anything less. I remember carrying these into so many gigs as a very young teenager.

Even with all the other bands that he played in such as Firebirds (Stevie Ray Vaughn Band), George Thorogood Band and many others he always had his Hammond on stage.

He did get out of music for about 12 years due to having two young children (me and my brother) and got back into it when I was about 14.

He played professionally at least 3 times a week for another 21 years.

Sadly he has left us, but I'm sure he is rockin' on upstairs with the man!
Dale died in 2005 at the age of 64. The recording of "Lazy Life" was played at his funeral.
Cameron says that he will try to get the song titles and other details to include here
(July 2011).
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