Archive Ambition
Unlike other archives herein that are private, some are for public view such as the cases listed here.
If you have received an answer that is evasive from an institution, or in fact no answer is given at all to your question, then list it here. It is as good as being totally ignored. There is no excuse for it and the world should know of the shameful treatment.
We display your correspondence with that institution on a new searchable web page for free, and list it in the index below. Send your request on the ArcAm contact page.
Their correspondence is shown as a summary but we give you the option for all correspondence to be made available by email to anyone who requests it, and then only with your approval.
You can see examples of such rudeness on the pages listed in the index.
Names and addresses shall remain identifiable but phone numbers shall be removed from public view.
A sufficient answer to every question that you go to the trouble to submit to an institution should not be too hard to obtain! Anything less is insulting.
If and when a case is resolved, we will mark it so and remove it three calendar months later.
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