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Heart 'n' Soul
Sydney, Australia

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Heart 'n' Soul
Despite numerous misspellings and details elsewhere, we believe the following line up to be correct.
< means 'from' | > means 'to'
Graeme Willington 'Will' [leader, vocals, congas, bongos]
Ian Willington [guitar, sitar]
Leith Corbett 'Corby' [bass] (>Dave Miller Set)
Graham Lewis 'Bozo' [drums]
Dale Creary [organ] Years later formed his own Heart 'n' Soul (Name Creary, not Cleary)
Philip Prideaux [trumpet, French horn] (>Southern Comfort)
Percy Ohrling [tenor sax] (>Tony Sheridan band >Natural Gas)
Tony Nelson [drums]
Robert Lloyd (aka Bob Tregilgus) [drums] (<Ram Jam Big Band <The Cam-Pact/The Camp Act)
Eric Cairns [drums] (<Somebody's Image >Company Caine >Captain Australia & The Honky Tonk)
Bruce Dwyer [drums]
John Pochée [drums]
Arthur Eisenberg [bass] (<Dr Kandy's Third Eye >Company Caine)
Les Gough [bass] (<Somebody's Image >Captain Australia & The Honky Tonk)
Jim Stanley [bass] (<Steppenwolf <early Canned Heat)
Phillip Rigg [bass] (<Mark IV)
Dennis Garcia [organ] (<The Mixtures <Andy James Asylum (Andy Anderson))
Vaughn Brus [organ] (<The Elliot Gordon Union)
Peter Sheehan [organ] (<Freshwater)
Craig Mannell [organ] (<Daisy Roots)
Jamie Rigg [organ] (<Mark IV)
Bobby Gebert [piano] (>Tamam Shud >Duck)
Greg Foster [trombone, harmonica] (>SCRA >Galapagos Duck)
Geoff Habgood [trumpet]
Alan Blakers [alto sax]
Geoff Naughton (aka Houghton) [sax] (<Army band)
Lindsay Farr [baritone sax, flute] (<The News <Carnival)
Bernie Payne [alto sax, clarinet]
Bernie McGann [sax] (>Southern Comfort)
Geoff Oakes [sax] (<Ian Saxon and The Sound >Rocky Horror Show >Renee Geyer)
Keith Barr [tenor sax, oboe] (<Nutwood Rug Band <Quill)
Richard Price [violin, tenor recorder]
Larry Duryea (aka Larry Taylor) [congas] (>Tamam Shud >Duck)
Charlie someone [bass] used for some album tracks only (Charlie Deguara maybe).
Steve Stewart [tenor and alto sax] and Nicholas Lyon [violin] used for a specific concert only.
(5377 Courtesy G Willington)
Fresh out of Asquith Boys High School and keen to be rock 'n' rollers, van driver singer Graeme Willington, brother Ian guitar and Leith Corbett bass guitar travelled from Sydney in this Morris Commer van to investigate the music scene in Melbourne and Adelaide twice in 1966. Graeme started as drummer singer in the band. A Greek drummer joined the band in Melbourne enabling Graeme to become singer only.
Back in Sydney, the van was replaced for a dark blue VW Kombi and new drummer was Graham Lewis.
Band leader/singer Graeme wanted to add trumpet and saxophone players to the line up.
In May 1967, Philip Prideaux was invited to join as trumpeter and eight months later resigned from his insurance job with MMI to become a full time muso. Percy Ohrling joined on saxophone and Dale Creary joined with his Hammond organ.
These seven band members together formed the new Heart 'n' Soul and remained so for some time.
Drift music newspaper 26 May 1967.
(5156 and 5300)
Go-Set 23 August 1967 music newspaper. DME stood for Dal Myles Enterprises.
Band manager for Heart 'n' Soul and other well known bands was Dal Myles. Years later he hosted television shows and became a TV newsreader/weather man. Later still, he operated Dal Myles Special Tours over the Blue Mountains. Ian Dalgleish (Dal) Myles, husband of Priscilla (Lyn) died on 22 October 2002 aged 61.
(5158 and 5159)
Drift 28 July 1967.
A young woman working at Beethovens Disco in Cunningham Lane Sydney (behind Chequers in Goulburn St between Pitt and George Sts), her real name withheld by request, said in Nov 2016 that two unnamed HnS band members bounced her car out of a tight 'parked in' situation there. She said she was very grateful, especially in the early hours of 17 June 1967. Her diary was obviously well documented.
(5157 and 5161)
Phil writes .. Percy and I arrived late due to a car accident with a Valiant car. We could not easily locate the hotel either. Each band played alternate brackets, frustrating because the stage was pretty small. The Trip, incorrectly billed as 'The Throbs' on the above card, played the first bracket. Many in the crowd were dressed outrageously. Each band had a hotel room to freshen up and relax in.
Heart 'n' Soul started with Philly Dog – Hold On I'm Coming. Percy and I stood either side of singer Graeme so sax and trumpet were often uncoordinated. Bozo (drummer Graham) knocked his glass of beer into the PA amplifier. The amp survived.
(5362 and 5363 Both courtesy G Willington)
Vocals by Graeme Willington, Leith Corbett, Percy Ohrling and Ian Willington.
Festival recording studio, before its upgrade, Miller St Pyrmont, Sydney.
(5364 and 5365 Both courtesy G Willington)
Dale Creary and Phil, Leith and Ian at the back wall.
(5366 and 5367 Both courtesy G Willington)
Percy Ohrling and Phil Prideaux.
(5368 Courtesy G Willington)
(5391 and 5392)
Heart 'n' Soul released their first single 45rpm vinyl disc in January 1968.
"Who Could Be Loving You" / "She's Got The Time" [Festival FK 2127]
Festival producer/engineer Pat Aulton.
Go-Set 17 January 1968 (not of course 1698 as shown).
Percy Ohrling [tenor sax], Ian Willington [guitar], Philip Prideaux 18½ [trumpet], Graeme Willington [lead vocals], Graham Lewis 'Bozo' [drums], Leith Corbett 'Corby' [bass] and Dale Creary [organ].
Philip has written
Friday, Surf Club, Cronulla
We arrived about 20 minutes late as we were suddenly called up to play there. We wore casual gear. The crowd was less enthusiastic than before at this venue. Our first bracket was terrible and the rest of the night was not much better. Philip was all over the shop on the trumpet and to top it off, his pants split! Graeme's voice failed (broke) at the end of Another Tear Falls. Bozo's drumming improved as the night wore on. Our manager Dal Myles stayed for one bracket; was not impressed and said to play more exciting songs like the one just played called "You Keep Me Hanging On". The song called "She's Got The Time (She's Got The Changes)" was played for the first time to an audience. It was to become the B side of our first 'single' release.
Saturday, Zondre's, Wollongong
Percy arrived late so for some reason we had to play "Wish You Would" for as long as we could. Not to worry, the crowd was swinging and applauded often. We wore our 'whites' outfit and as usual, one or two in the band neglected to wear the correct matching black boots. We received good applause for "She's Got The Time .." Corbie complained again of having to wear baggy trousers. Philip tried for too many high notes and missed one or two but survived the night well. Percy played some great solos with more originality. All in all a good night for the band.
Sunday afternoon, Art Gallery, Sydney
Graeme, Ian, Corbie and Philip went to see acoustic guitarists Don Andrews and Jan Gold play an excellent performance together. Arrangements were made for Ian to call Don Andrews regarding possible guitar lessons.
Sunday night, Here Disco, North Sydney
There to play the first portion of the gig, 2 brackets, we wore casual mainly, the guitarists wore Chinese style capes, Philip wore the white and black stripe double breasted coat and Dale donned his flowered hat. Despite early trouble with a microphone and unwelcome stage floor bounce for trumpet, band balance was noted as the best to date simply by playing softer. The second bracket contained better songs, Graeme boosted treble on the PA after comments of indistinct lyrics. Complements came from Freddy Hampden and John Forest (singing instructor). It was also probably the hottest night we've experienced. None the less, it was no excuse for Philip to consume rum then wine and suffer the results somewhat publicly. Band on stage after Heart 'n' Soul was Python Lee Jackson at 10:30 p.m.
Millers Hotel, Manly Vale.
Dale Creary [organ], Percy Ohrling [tenor sax], Philip Prideaux [trumpet], Graeme Willington 'Will' [lead singer], Graham Lewis 'Bozo' [drums], Leith Corbett 'Corby' [bass] and Ian Willington [guitar].
(5162 Courtesy C Buchanan)
Go-Set. A staircase in the Rocks, Sydney.
The Sun Herald 14 Jan 1968.
Major Sydney newspaper. The Ram Jam Big Band was of interest to Heart 'n' Soul.
Street posters.
(5166) (5334 Courtesy G Willington)
Go-Set 23/1/1968 and unknown publication right.
Daily Telegraph 16/2/1968.
Drift publication.
Paddington Town Hall Autistic Association Sunday 25 Feb 1968.
Melbourne Herald.
Dale Creary [organ], Percy Ohrling [tenor sax], Philip Prideaux [trumpet, French horn], Graeme Willington 'Will' [singer], Ian Willington [guitar], Graham Lewis 'Bozo' [drums] and Leith Corbett 'Corby' [bass].
(5322 Courtesy G Willington)
Photos taken at Phil Ward Studios 296 Pitt St Sydney Ph 266544
Band's play list (at about this point in time) Key played -
Let The Good Times Roll Sam Cooke F major
Something You've Got Wilson Picket F major
Everybody Needs Somebody Wilson Picket E major
In The Midnight Hour Wilson Picket (Cropper) F major
This Train Negro spiritual F major
Hallelujah Ray Charles F major
Sticks And Stones Ray Charles Bb major
Treat Her Right Ray Head F# major
I've Got A Woman Ray Charles C major
Hoochie Coochie Man Willie Dick*son G major
On Broadway Drifters F# major
Same Old Song Four Tops C major
Mojo Workout M Morganfield F major
Shake Your Money Maker Traditional F major
Think It's Gonna Work Out Fine Sevica? Lee F major
I Feel Good James Brown C major
Pappa's Got A Brand New Bag James Brown E major
Down In The Valley Solomon Bourke F major
Finger Poppin Traditional G major
Dancing In The Street Marvin Gaye A major
Mercy Mercy Don Cavay F major
Take This Hurt Off Me Don Cavay F major
Spoonful Chester Burnett E major
Work Song Nat Adderley & Oscar Brown Jnr C major
Lonely Weekends ? E major
Another Tear Falls ? A major
Shotgun Junior Walker and the All Stars Bb major
If I Have A Ticket Negro spiritual C major
Let It Be Me Butter - Everett F major
The Right Time ? F major
Hold On I'm Coming ? ?
You Don't Know Like I Know ? ?
(5337 Courtesy G Willington)
The Sun Herald 25 Feb 1968 .
A REAL, live, quakin', shakin' pop band has been booked to play at The Club on Sunday evening, March 31. If you're 21 or 71, we guarantee you'll enjoy hearing the group The Heart 'n' Soul. They have their own discotheque in George Street, near the Century Theatre, and it's called "Up Tight".
This is derived from a hit parader entitled "Everything's Up Tight, Out Of Sight".
Personnel in the group are Graeme Willington, Ian Willington, Leith Corbett, Dale Creary, Philip Prideaux, Graham Lewis and Percy Ohrling. Their manager is a personable young man named Dal Miles.
Between them, the boys play 20 instruments—guitars, electric organ, saxophones (in several sizes), trombone, trumpet, drums, French horn, flute and others.
Leader is Graeme Willington who, like all the boys in the group, has a strong liking for jazz.
Journalist Club journal 'Copy' March 1968.
Dale, Philip 19, Percy, 'Bozo', 'Will', 'Corby' and Ian.
Dale on his Hammond, Philip on valve trombone, Percy on baritone sax.
(5174, 5175 and 5177)
Leaflet hand out - Go-Set 6/3/1968 - Drift 15/3/1968.
Up Tight disco in Sydney.
February 1968, Up Tight disco was created by DME and Heart 'n' Soul.
"Uptight" was also a television rock show from Melbourne.
Go-Set 6/3/1968.
Philip, Percy, Graeme, Leith and Ian.
Go-Set 27/3/1968.
(5344 and 5349 Both courtesy G Willington)
Go-Set 24 Jan 1970 and Go-Set 19 Sept 1970.
"Uptight" was a four hour show from Melbourne hosted by singer Ross D. Wyllie.
Happening '70 later replaced it.
Heart 'n' Soul often appeared therein by way of segments recorded in Sydney.
(5335 Courtesy G Willington)
An enthusiastic fan entices a radio station disc jockey .
Go-Set 15/5/1968. The thought of equipment insurance came to mind.
(5179 and 5178)
Go-Set 10/4/1968
(5350 N.O.V.A clipping Courtesy G Willington)
Go-Set 20 Dec 1969 .
Given time, the NOVA agency obtained a greater share of venues for bands than DME had.
(NOVA, not to be confused with the Disability Employment Service 45 years later).
Entrance to the Op Pop disco night club.
E.B. magazine 24/4/1968. Girls unknown.
(5181 and 5182)
Hand out leaflet and E.B. magazine 15/5/1968. Uptight was closed for 3 weeks. Re opened 3/5/1968.
Go-Set newspaper, 15 May 1968.
(5187, 5188 and 5189)
Go-Set 15th, 22nd and 29th May 1968.
Go-Set 29/5/1968.
Ian Willington owned the sitar.
Go-Set 22 May 1968.
(5317 Courtesy S Wakely and 5318)
Big Steve on the Newcastle Scene.
Says Steve Wakely "During 1968 when I was on-air at 2KO as an 18yo DJ and with the encouragement of my very long time friend Reg Mason, I also wrote for the groundbreaking Australian Music Magazine GO-SET - my columns covered the Newcastle Music scene of the day - I wasn't a great writer but it was interesting and I always got to meet and hang with the musos during what was a great time in music and Newcastle had a really active music scene ..... It was very cool to be involved."
Go-Set 29/5/1968.
Percy and Philip 19 recording for the Laurie Allen Review.
Songs were probably "As Long As I Got You" and "Not Born To Follow".
(5153 and 5154)
'Session gig'. Philip played trumpet on Thomas Hood's single.
Ian Thomas left The Showmen in 1967 and teamed up with keyboard wiz Chris Neale in Powerhouse. He released a single under the name Thomas Hood in 1968.
Apparently worth $142 in 2017, probably reasonable for the quick dub that it was.
Go-Set 19/6/1968.
(5183, 5184 and 5186)
Go-Set 19/6/1968.
Go-Set 19/6/1968.
Go-Set 3/7/1968.
(5297 Courtesy C Buchanan née Bradford)
Prestigious Here disco in North Sydney.
The band wore light blue suits except Graeme in white. Name of Heart n Soul appears on the organ.
(5194 and 5197)
Go-Set 3 July 1968 – Application form.
(5121) (5371 Courtesy G Willington)
Philip and Graham Lewis at Uptight disco. Shaving foam prank.
(5323 and 5324 Both courtesy G Willington)
Graeme at Uptight 1 May 1968 .
(5369 and 5370 Both courtesy G Willington)
Ian Willington at Uptight disco.
(5124 and 5120)
Philip Prideaux at Uptight disco.
(5122 and 5123)
(5372 and 5326 Both courtesy G Willington)
Phil and Percy Ohrling "double brassing" - Graham Lewis at Uptight Disco .
(5325 and 5327 Both courtesy G Willington)
Graham Lewis at Uptight Disco.
(5373 Courtesy G Willington)
Leith Corbett at Uptight disco
(5201 and 5210)
Go-Set 25 Sept 1968.
Heart 'n' Soul played the Flower Pot often.
Another disco well known at the time was Jonathon's on Broadway in Sydney.
Go-Set 25 Sept 1968.
Go-Set 2 Oct 1968.
Three band members appeared on the Channel 10 show Blind Date (later known as 'Perfect Match"). A game show that had a single girl make selection of one of the three band members who answered her delivered questions most favourably. Dennis Garcia [organ] probably won the mystery girl. The other two won sunglasses and aftershave lotion instead. Graeme Willington was the mystery single for 3 girls in the other part of the show.
The band performed at the start of the show and gained publicity.
Go-Set 20/11/1968.
Local Wollongong newspaper. Rare photo of Vaughn Brus [organ] (not Vaughan).
It says "Percy plays 10 instruments and Phil plays six"! Wishful thinking .
(5328, 5329 and 5330 All courtesy G Willington)
Graham Lewis and Ian Willington in the revamped Festival studio for the recording of single "Lazy Life"/ "Good Things Come To Those Who Wait" later released in May 1969.
Graham Lewis never got to hear the final mix.
(5358 and 5359 Both courtesy G Willington)
Graeme and Lyn (Priscilla) wife of band agent Dal Myles - Ian and Thomas right.
Lyn was keen to add backing vocal to the B side "Good Things .." which she clearly did.
(5360 Courtesy G Willington)
Philip Prideaux and Rory Thomas [trumpets] and Percy Ohrling [tenor sax].
(5361 Courtesy G Willington)
Philip [French horn] and Percy [flute].
(5393) (5336 Courtesy G Willington)
Festival Studios building Pyrmont, Sydney - Rory Thomas producer of Lazy Life .
The hired strings section for Lazy Life was recorded at EMI studios, Castlereagh Street Sydney.
Philip was disappointed with the amount of reverberation effect added to the final recording.
'Lazy Life' score by Rory Thomas.
Sun Herald "Glitter" column 15/12/1968.
Banner above the stage.
Ray-o-Vac Batteries Spectacular 2 Feb 1969 at the Trocadero, compèred by Ward Austin and Dal Myles.
The Sun Herald clip above, provides the list of bands performing including Clapham Junction. Five thousand fans attended, with thousands more reportedly turned away. After their shock announcement of a break-up, The Twilights gave their last NSW concert performance at this event, a last-minute inclusion in the line up.
(5419 Courtesy S Wakely)
Go-Set Date unknown.
Go-Set 29/1/1969.
(5378 and 5379 Both courtesy G Willington)
2HD concert at a Newcastle beach (probably Nobbys Beach) Sunday 26 January 1969.
This most likely was the final drumming performance by Graham Lewis.
(5208 and 5209)
The Sun 29/1/1969 and Go-Set 5/2/1969.
Monday night 27th January 1969, Graham Lewis died in a car accident while driving alone in his Holden sedan. He was just short of the home of his parents Ron & Joyce Lewis. A sad loss to all including his girlfriend Madelaine Bull.
Philip shared a house with Graham in Sydney suburb Pymble for some time and knew him to be a very enthusiastic, outgoing and kind man. He had suffered some bouts of epilepsy.
(5298 Courtesy S Lambert)
Graham Lewis - January 1969.
Sun Herald 2/2/1969.
(5211, 5213 and 5212)
Go-Set 16/4/1969 and right (or bottom) is Go-Set 5/2/1969.
Go-Set 12/2/1969. Sydney Trocadero, 2/2/1969. Philip on trumpet. Name of the sax player during his brief stint is uncertain. Brief appearances were not uncommon.
Philip almost 20 appeared on Channel Ten, 4 March 1969 (TX next night).
Captured from movie (8mm film):
(3154 and 3155)
From the mid 1960's to the early 1970's - the "Awful Movies with Deadly Ernest" was a television program on the 0-Ten network each week, in which host, Deadly Ernest, would present "B" grade science fiction and horror movies. Some of the movies were so bad, that Deadly Ernest even had sub-titles with captions to send up the movies. Each state had its own person playing Deadly Ernest. In Sydney it was Ian Bannerman (above).
(3152 and 3153)
(3156 and 3157)
Peter Sheehan [organ] and Philip appeared on the show's hosting links during the horror style movies.
Sydney's Sunday Mirror 23/11/1969. Ian Bannerman.
Go-Set 12/3/1969. Leith moves to Dave Miller Set.
Leith was regarded as a good bass player with a good sound but preferred a heavier rock style band.
Philip's trumpet teachers included Harry Berry, Mike Pennel (Dulwich Hill) and Larry Elam (Birchgrove, Daly Wilson Big Band).
His trumpet a French Besson bought from Boosey & Hawkes, Sydney.
His music arranging teacher was Charlie Lees at Drummoyne and George Golla at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music.
Harry Landis & Son P/L was a significant musical instrument store in Park St, Sydney at the time.
(5126 and 5127)
Philip's French horn teacher was Reg Bishop.
(5128 and 5129)
Tony Nelson [drums] and Phil Rigg [bass].
Sydney Harbour cruise organised by Philip's sister Susan Prideaux with Heart 'n' Soul playing.
The musicians all had to tune about a tone down from normal because the organ pitch changes with boat power!
Bungan Beach publicity photos by Geoff Barrett. Road manager David posed as a sax player.
Ian carries Phillip Rigg and Jamie Rigg on top. Behind are Tony Nelson and Phil Prideaux.
Philip P, Phillip R, younger brother Jamie R, Ian, Tony and Graeme.
Tony, (David), Will, Phillip R, Ian, Jamie and Philip P right.
Go-Set 16/4/1969.
(5150 and 5140)
"Lazy Life" / "Good Things Come To Those Who Wait" single [FK-2949] was released in stores in May 1969.
Recorded at Festival, Miller St Pyrmont.
Lazy Life composer: Gordon Haskell (UK).
Sun Herald 11/5/1969.
By May 1969 "Lazy Life" was released. The single vinyl 45 later reached #1 in Brisbane.
(5219 and 5217)
Sun Herald no date – 20/7/1969.
Go-Set 17/5/1969.
Go-Set 24/5/1969.
Go-Set 31/5/1969.
(5340 and 5341 Both courtesy G Willington)
Go-Set 31 May 1969.
Another Ray-o-Vac Pop Spectacular. Three months earlier was at the Trocadero. (Ray-o-Vac Batteries).
(5331 Courtesy G Willington)
Exact date unconfirmed.
This Waltons Sydney store was part of an Australian department store chain.
(5342 Courtesy G Willington)
Go-Set 31 May 1969.
Go-Set 7/61969.
Go-Set 14/6/1969.
Go-Set 5/7/1969.
Top: Phil R, Tony, Ian. Below: Jamie, Philip P 20, Geoff Naughton and Graeme.
(5226 and 5227)
Brisbane Telegraph 17/6/1969 and Sydney's Sunday Telegraph 10/8/1969.
(5380/5381 Courtesy G Willington)
Go-Set 9 Aug 1969 . Fashion shoot. Ian did not play clarinet.
(5332 Courtesy G Willington)
Another fashion shoot . Philip Prideaux (right) with unknown models in unknown publication.
(5299 Courtesy S Lambert)
1969 street poster.
Go-Set 30/8/1969. Will, Ian and Phil.
Work sheet issued while playing in Melbourne.
Stayed in the Baron of Beef in The Dandenong Ranges near Melbourne owned by the parents of Lindsay Farr.
(5414 Courtesy L Farr)
#40 after 3 weeks.
(5338 Courtesy G Willington)
Unknown publication 14 June 1969.
(5343 Courtesy G Willington)
Number 26 on 2SM's top 40.
(5230 to 5240)
Go-Set - Australian Top 15 charts.
(5241 and 5242)
Sunday Telegraph 10/8 and 17/8/1969.
2SM has organised a big farewell for the Executives, who take off to try their luck in the United States next month.
A series of lunch-hour concerts at Caesar's Palace beginning next Friday will give fans a last opportunity to see this top group.
Also on the same bill will be the Heart 'n' Soul, currently riding high on the Top 40 with "Lazy Life", and Frank Lewis, who wrote and recorded the anti-war hit "The Year Of War".
As Sydney's top recording group, The Executives deserve the best wishes of all in their attempt to crash the American sound barrier, but the big farewell seems rather exaggerated, considering they intend to be absent only four weeks.
Sunday Telegraph 17/8/1969.
(5402 Courtesy Karin Grant)
Graeme's autograph while in Caesars Palace 25/8/1969.
(5243 and 5244)
Sunday Telegraph 24/8/1969 and a record store 4BH Brisbane chart for week commencing 29/8/1969 shows #1 in Brisbane.
(5339 Courtesy G Willington)
Craig Mannell [organ] . Donnie's Place - Go-Set 9 Aug 1969 . Heart 'n' Soul break up is an incorrect report.
Go-Set 13/9/1969. Phil, Ian and 'Will' (Graeme).
(5247 and 5246)
Go-Set 13/9/1969 and unknown source.
– Captured from movie (8mm film) –
(3146 and 3145)
Philip and some band gear en-route to Queensland in a Kombi van belonging to 'roady' Alan below.
– Captured from movie (8mm film) –
(3150 and 3149)
Radio 4IP concert, Ipswich, QLD, Lindsay Farr [flute] and Philip Prideaux [trumpet].
(5248 and 5250)
Late 1969. Mad Mel was a popular radio 2SM disc jockey at the time.
Craig, Phil, Graeme and Ian. Right of the Heart 'n' Soul PA speaker is possibly Les Gough [bass] and his often worn black hat.
Publication unknown.
Brisbane Telegraph 16/9/1969.
Go-Set 27/9/1969.
(5254 and 5256)
Go-Set 27/9/1969 and Go-Set 25/10/1969.
Go Set newspaper centre spread, 18 October, 1969.
Graeme Willington, Craig Mannell, Philip Prideaux, Lindsay Farr, Ian Willington, Jim Stanley and Robert Lloyd.
Go-Set 25/10/1969.
Same publication says that Heart 'n' Soul was booked to play:
Cheetah Room (250 Pitt St Sydney) - Friday 24 Oct 1969
Bankstown Capitol Hall and Lalor Park Community Centre - Sat 25 Oct 1969
(5145 and 5144)
Lazy Life EP [Festival FX 11620]
(5146 and 5147)
Lazy Life EP, 4 tracks, first 2 singles combined.
(5260 and 5257)
Go-Set 18/10 and 22/11/1969.
Go-Set was usually dated on Saturdays, but hit the stands days earlier.
(5413 Courtesy L Farr and 5411 Courtesy R Foley)
(5151 and 5152)
[Festival FK 3409].
"Let Me Sing In Your Band" Composer: Johnny Young, Arranger: Rory Thomas.
Released November 1969 (April 1970 in New Zealand, below).
Spencer Lee was audio engineer at United Sound P/L, Pier St Sydney.
"Lights of Cincinnati" B side single has two spelling mistakes on the label; should be one T in Cincinnati and Arranger: Predeaux should be Prideaux.
(5388 and 5389)
"Lights of Cincinnati" arrangement for the next single 45 B side release.
Paddington Town Hall (Psychedelic light show concert) Sydney 7 December 1969.
Jean Ethel Lewis (born 8 January 1945), was better known as Jeannie Lewis.
Roger Foley aka Ellis D Fogg said he included the top slogan "Fly The First Family" from a slogan he'd seen at Melbourne's Thumping Tum disco (later called Traffik) simply because he liked the phrase.
(5396 and 5397 Both courtesy L Farr and R Foley)
This poster version was coloured by Jim Anderson who was Art Director at the London Oz magazine for a while.
The Bear Dancers were girls performing on stage alongside the band, and were screen projected at back.
In Sydney, the girls gained permission just prior, to strip and become bare dancers!
(5351 and 5348 Both courtesy G Willington)
Go-Set 20 Dec 1969 - Go-Set 19 Sept 1970.
Crest Granville on Friday 19 December 1969, then Paddington Town Hall on Sunday with Ellis D Fogg recognised as Sydney's leading lightshow artist Roger Foley pictured.
(5352 Courtesy G Willington)
Go-Set 20 Dec 1969 .
(5403 Courtesy Doug Smith)
"Sound Of The 70's Australia's Top Pop Artists" part album cover. [Festival / Calendar Records SR66-9692].
Released 1970.
(5353 Courtesy G Willington)
Go-Set 20 Dec 1969 .
Melbourne tour December 1969
(Previous Melbourne tour was in September 1969).
Thanks to the hard work of Alexander Gionfriddo and Deb Verhoeven at The Ultimate Gig Guide <http://tugg.me> who compiled the following Melbourne tour date details.
Captured from movie (8mm film):
(3158 and 3159)
The new Ford truck replaced the old blue Kombi van.
(5307 Courtesy L Farr)
2nd Adelaide Blues Festival held at Glenelg Town Hall, Adelaide on 1 January 1970.
(5418 Courtesy P Rigg)
2nd Adelaide Blues Festival - Go-Set report.
Adelaide 1970.
Click disco photos, Seaton, Adelaide January 1970.
Ian [guitar], Eric [drums], Philip 20 [trumpet], Les [bass], Craig [organ] and Graeme [lead vocals].
Philip Prideaux [trumpet], Geoff Habgood [trumpet], Graeme Willington [singer], Bernie Payne [sax], Ian Willington [guitar], Eric Cairns [drums] and Lindsay Farr [baritone sax, flute].
(5354 Courtesy G Willington)
Go-Set 10 Jan 1970 .
Never two French horns, just one.
(5355 Courtesy G Willington)
Go-Set 10 Jan 1970 .
Friday: Spinning Wheel Disco Waterloo St Narrabeen then Paddington Town Hall
Saturday 10 Jan 1970: Hornsby (as above)
Sunday: Olivers in Wollongong
(5345 and 5346 Both courtesy G Willington)
Go-Set 24 Jan 1970 .
(5265 and 5267)
A Sydney daily paper, date uncertain, Ellis D Fogg is Roger Foley, Les Gough played bass guitar, not trumpet.
Right is a leaflet hand out.
(5268 and 5269)
Origins uncertain 1970.
(5301 Courtesy P Davis)
4BC Brisbane 1970. "There were a spate of these shows in the late sixties early seventies " says Paul.
(5395 Courtesy L Farr)
Bishops Pilgrimage. 14th and 15th March 1970.
Lindsay recalls that Heart 'n' Soul was the first act to perform to a handful of people. After one hour, the event was cancelled because the ocean water was too rough for people willing to take the journey there on small boats.
(5270 and 5271)
Bishops Pilgrimage - Bishop Island Festival Brisbane. The applause was for drummer Eric Cairns.
Bishop Island was formed in 1912 by dredging at the mouth of the Brisbane River. It ceased to be an island in 2004 when it was made part of the mainland.
"3334", an 'ambitious' composition/arrangement by Philip Prideaux, audio recording saved.
(5417 Courtesy S Lambert and 5394 Courtesy L Farr)
Ourimbah pop festival, NSW.
(5382 and 5383 Both courtesy G Willington)
Go-Set 4 Feb 1970 .
Australia 's first ever open-air rock music festival held at Ourimbah, near Gosford north of Sydney.
Australia Day Weekend in January 1970.
(Chicago Transit Authority was later known simply as Chicago.)
TV Times 18 February 1970.
Above: Graeme Willington and Heart 'n' Soul.
Article continued ..
(5376 Courtesy G Willington)
Go-Set 4 Feb 1970 .
Music Maker, March 1970.
Philip Prideaux, Geoff Habgood, Lindsay Farr and Bernie Payne.
(5279 and 5280)
Music Maker, March 1970.
Contrary to words in the previous article, Philip never performed with the flügelhorn and Geoff never played the French horn.
(5412 Courtesy L Farr)
Sun Herald Sydney 22 March 1970.
(5410 Courtesy L Farr)
(5416 Courtesy R Foley)
Vietnam War moratorium entry leaflet.
Heart 'n' Soul played:
First Movement from Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 – J.S. Bach
A Day in the Life – Paul McCartney
Thus Spake Zarathustra – Richard Strauss (also 'Spoke' and 'Sprach')
(5283 and 5284)
Origins uncertain.
Melbourne tour June 1970
Includes snippets from unknown publications and a related list of the tour date details gained from the Ultimate Gig Guide.
(5285, 5288 and 5286)
(5289 and 5287)
(continued below)
(5291 and 5292)
The Bulletin, 4/7/1970. Greg Foster and Graeme Willington photo.
Melbourne tour August 1970
Tour date details gained from the Ultimate Gig Guide.
(5375 Courtesy G Willington)
Sun-Herald 16 Aug 1970 (four mentions).
Sun Herald Sydney 6 Sept 1970.
After this band breakup announcement, it seemed the band held together for a while despite the exit of Philip Prideaux and Graeme Willington soon after. There had been some difference of opinions as to the future of the band and some adverse member behaviour.
(5347 Courtesy G Willington)
Go-Set 19 Sept 1970 .
Maybe Heart 'n' Soul played at this concert at the Sydney showground Moore Park on Saturday 19 Sept 1970.
According to Ian Willington, Heart 'n' Soul played at the final concert of the Sydney Trocadero along with the Frank Coughlan Band. Date for that was either 31 December 1970 (says a Frank Coughlan biography) or 5 February 1971 (says Wikipedia).
Early 1971.
Back Greg Foster, Alan Blakers, Keith Barr, Lindsay Farr. Front: Arthur Eisenberg, Eric Cairns, Larry Duryea, Graeme Willington. (Others obscured top left). Venue uncertain - Shane Levi's?
Same venue with Greg Foster, Geoff Habgood, Arthur Eisenberg, Keith Barr and Lindsay Farr.
"Hot Boogie Band" album cover. [Festival / Infinity SINL 934098]
Released in January 1971.
Back: Philip Prideaux, Keith Barr, Richard Price [violin], Lindsay Farr, Greg Foster, Les Gough, Larry Duryea.
Front: Alan Blakers, Geoff Habgood, Eric Cairns, brothers Graeme and Ian Willington.
(Despite the drawing, Les Gough did only play bass guitar).
Audio engineer at Festival records: Richard Batchens.
(Willington) shown at top are compositions by Ian Willington.
(5143 and 5139)
Next 'single 45' taken from album: "Hot Boogie Band" A side / "Earthrise" [Infinity INK-4086].
Music Maker January 1971 - The Sun Herald 21 Feb 1971.
(5374 Courtesy G Willington)
The Sun Herald article by Gil Wahlquist suggests in part that Festival Records was still seeking positive reviews for the album, despite the band's demise. It's also believed, as seen in the article, that Festival/Infinity attempted some renaming of the album and the name of the band too.
Says <milesago.com>:
"Heart 'n' Soul -- by then renamed "The Heart 'n' Soul Hot Boogie Band" -- was one of the first acts signed to Festival's new progressive label Infinity, which was launched in January 1971. When they recorded their ambitious Hot Boogie Band album in late 1970, the group had expanded to twelve members, but sadly it had split by the time the album and its accompanying single "Hot Boogie Band" / "Earthrise" was released".
Says Philip Prideaux, if you count singer, drums, guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, six piece brass/woodwind section, violinist and conga payer, there were finally 13 members of the band.
Regarding Hot Boogie Band" by Heart 'n' Soul, <rateyourmusic.com> states:
Genre: Jazz-Rock - Jazz, Chamber Music, Boogie Rock, Afrobeat.
(5384 Courtesy L Farr) (5357 Courtesy G Willington)
US Billboard 16 January 1971, Infinity Records launch – Origin unknown (right/bottom image).
(5356 Courtesy G Willington)
Graeme saved this his sheet of Phil's arrangement that was never rehearsed.
"MacArthur Park" is a song written and composed by Jimmy Webb and sung by Richard Harris.
(5400 Courtesy L Farr)
Andy Anderson, Graeme and Ian Willington. Date not known.
(5401 Courtesy L Farr)
Greg Foster, Lindsay Farr and Andy Anderson.
Lindsay says "I'm pretty sure it was a Centennial Park (Sydney) Sunday arvo hippy Jam".
(5415 Courtesy L Farr)
Date unknown. Sydney.
Later years
Group Therapy - The Stars Of Infinity. [Infinity SR66-9817]
Vinyl LP compilation 1972
The first track on the A side has Hot Boogie Band - Heart 'n' Soul
So You Wanna Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star, Volume 2 - The Psychedelic Years of Australian Rock 1967-70.
Festival double vinyl LP 1977 - Various artists compilation.
Track 3: Lazy Life by Heart 'n' Soul.
The same recorded listing appears as Volume 2 on a later Festival CD release (shown next).
So You Wanna Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star (Remastered) - Festival CD set 1998.
(5149 and 5148)
Sixty Hits of the 60s. Boxed CD set [BMG Australia] Released 1996.
Lazy Life on CD Disc 3 track 11.
Australian Pop of the 60s - Volume 2 - Move Baby Move - Sony-BMG 2009 CD set.
Another compilation with Lazy Life.
Following the success a year earlier when this photo was taken, the Sixties Rock 'n' Roll Re-union Party returned to the Revesby Workers Club on Wednesday 20th March 2002.
Hundreds were invited by organiser George Crotty and the turnout was huge.
George moved to Australia from Serbia in the late 60's and was forever after a champion of Aussie 60s music. Unfortunately, George suffered a massive heart attack a few days before the second reunion. He remained in a coma in intensive care for several days. The event still went ahead with stage performances, memorabilia displays and of course the story telling.
Heart 'n' Soul's Dale Creary [organ], Robert Lloyd [drums] and Phil Prideaux [brass] attended.
George Crotty died from a fatal heart attack at his doctor's surgery July 2010.
Where are they now
Graeme Willington [singer, congas, band leader]
Pictured at right with Phil Prideaux 24 April 2017.
After HnS, Graeme took on a number of interests linked to the music industry. He also created a chain of hair salons called MGS and invested heavily in real estate on Sydney's northern beaches.
With his brother Ian, he produced the West End production of Elvis for a short season at the Capital Theatre in Sydney and also in Brisbane. The show portrayed three stages of the life of Elvis Presley.
Graeme was creator, co-writer and producer of a 1h 40min TV movie called Skin Deep that aired on the Nine Network in 1983 starring many well known Australian actors including Nicole Kidman.
Graeme was an accomplished sail board rider and travelled globally as a writer for a sail board magazine.
He had an independent business allied to the construction industry.
He spent five years writing a children's book called Iggy Rock (written under the pen name of Graeme Allen).
Graeme died unexpectedly on Tuesday 27 February 2018 in his Palm Beach Sydney home. He had celebrated his 69th birthday earlier that day and died peacefully in his sleep from a brain aneurysm. He was considered to be fit and there was no indication of medical problems beforehand. His ashes were scattered in a ceremony on the southern headland of Palm Beach on Sunday 16 September 2018.
Facebook tributes to Graeme March 2018:
Milesago companion group
Australian rock bands 1960's and 1970's
Astonishingly, well renowned singer of the time Jeff St John passed away exactly one week after Graeme died.
Ian Willington [guitar]
Pictured at left with Phil Prideaux 10 November 2012.
After HnS, Ian performed in the orchestra of the stage shows of Hair and Godspell, and as a freelance guitarist for two years. He joined a corporate band playing at business functions for four years.
With his brother Graeme, he produced the West End production of Elvis for a short season at the Capital Theatre in Sydney and also in Brisbane. The show portrayed three stages of the life of Elvis Presley.
Ian had a skippers licence to operate a large function boat owned by the Morgan family used for corporate events in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. It was even 'shipped' to Perth for events during the Americas Cup in January 1987. Ian was often the musician on board as well.
Ian and his wife now live in Inverell NSW. For over 20 years, Ian has taught guitar and performed in local rock bands.
Percy Ohrling [tenor sax]
After Percy Ohrling left Heart 'n' Soul, he toured Vietnam with English rock and roll singer-songwriter-guitarist Tony Sheridan in 1969. He was invited to join Tony in England, but decided to return to Australia where he joined a group called "Natural Gas". They played pop and jazz in Singapore and Japan, though not Australia.
He had his associate diploma in civil engineering to fall back on and finally settled down working as a structural designer all over Australia, Singapore and Indonesia.
He has now retired to Russell Island in Queensland where he writes fictional and non-fictional books.
Lindsay Farr [baritone sax, flute]
(5315 and 5316 )
Lindsay graduated, with a hand shake from 1930s-40s big band leader Woody Herman, from the Jazz composition program at Berklee College of Music in Boston USA in 1977. He then worked in studios as an audio engineer for a while. Lindsay has operated a highly successful Bonsai nursery in Melbourne for some decades. He recently bought himself an alto flute.
Tony Nelson [drums]
Tony returned to his homeland in the UK. He found that selling office machines in London was lucrative for some time. When he moved south to Brighton he entered the property letting business. Twenty years later he became a financial advisor which has been ongoing. Musically, he plays drums around twice a week, one rehearsal and one worship service on a Sunday. Sometimes there are other gigs too. Marriage to Sue has continued and they have two sons.
Jamie Rigg [keyboards]
Channel TEN 50th Anniversary 26 April 2015.
Jamie moved into musical arranger/director of television productions and touring shows including ABC-TVs "Long Way To The Top". He has held high positions with the Australian Institute of Music (AIM) and in 2017 Head of Contemporary Music at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts (AMPA). He lives in Sydney.
Robert Lloyd [drums]
Says Robert (Facebook 2 June 2015) "It was a pleasure to play drums with Heart and Soul, some great music because of the arrangements and big sound."
Says David N. Pepperell (Facebook 19 October 2016) "Robert lives in Melbourne and has now taken to guitar, singing and writing songs with the same energy and enthusiasm that he has given to all his other creative projects. He's not a bad poet either."
Leith Corbett [bass]
Says John Robinson Jan 2010 "Leith and I go back to 1969, where we were members of The Dave Miller Set.
Leith was the bassist on our biggest hit - Mr Guy Fawkes.
He returned from Spain in the mid 80's and settled in Tilba Tilba, NSW."
About Heart 'n' Soul, Leith says "That's not me fake playing in the studio or live in the sticks. I had been with the Willingtons since High school, the divorce had to happen. Left sunday, auditioned for the Dave Miller Set wednesday and started gigging with them saturday..from a 7 piece motown wanna be into a balls to the wall rock outfit...so much more fun...new 400 watt Lennard bass rig....get outa my way......still larfin".
Greg Foster [trombone]
Life for Greg after HnS included time with Sydney jazz-rock band Southern Contemporary Rock Assembly (SCRA) 1971-2, and Sydney jazz band Galapagos Duck. He has recently been a school teacher for less fortunate kids in the Glenorie area north west of Sydney.
Craig Mannell [organ]
Relocated to farm life near Nimbin NSW.
Richard Price [violin]
Some years ago, Richard was living in Perth and had played with Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli's orchestra.
Bruce Dwyer [drums]
(5409 Courtesy S Dwyer)
Bruce was involved in the recording of a few tracks of Heart 'n' Soul's "Hot Boogie Band" album in late 1970. It is believed that he did not play with the band on stage. Bruce died in April 2000.
Rory Thomas [keyboards, trumpet]
Rory Thomas was the producer/arranger of two of Heart 'n' Soul's singles 'Let Me Sing In Your Band' and 'Lazy Life'. He died at his Rouse Hill Sydney home after a long battle with cancer on 27 Dec 2010. He was 68.
Keith Barr [tenor sax, oboe]
UK-born reed player Keith Barr died as a result of a diabetic attack on 2 July 1971, shortly after HnS folded.
Les Gough [bass guitar]
(5420 and 5421)
Les says "The Sydney Conservatorium of Music gigs we did are etched in my memory as two of the greatest gigs I was ever involved in, not just because of the standing ovations, but because the band really nailed a very complicated concert. The Ourimbah pop festival was great too.
"Good to see this archive of the band. My short stint with the band was a great time and an honour to play with such great musicians.
"Regards to James Bond and all the boys" - [reference by Les to a song lyric "Superstar James Bond and the bebop all star big Hot Boogie Band".]
Les and ex HnS drummer Eric Cairns moved into Captain Australia and the Honky Tonk, that later travelled onboard Fairstar to London, England.
They quickly found some well regarded connections and success in a band called Atlas. Eric returned to Australia while Les stayed and managed Manticore Records studios and played in a band called Tundra.
Back in Australia in 1976, Les teamed up with ex HnS Lindsay Farr in a four piece band called Little Leslie and the Lovers featuring renowned guitarist/vocalist Les Stackpool. Many bands followed for Les Gough, Yamaha Big Band, Broderick Smiths' Band, and he toured extensively with the likes of Max Merrit, Brian Cadd and Col Elliot.
He also moved into record production and had a couple of ARIA nominations as a Producer.
He recently enjoyed stints on bass in Country Music and has retired to Ballarat in regional Victoria.
Sadly, Leslie Allan Gough died 29 September 2021.
Eric Cairns [drums]
Bass guitarist Les Gough and Eric played together in many bands before and after Heart 'n' Soul. Les says that Eric later moved into nursing on the Gold Coast, Queensland.
Philip Prideaux [trumpet]
Seen here aged 15, Philip played trumpet in his school cadet band.
After Heart 'n' Soul, Philip joined the Southern Comfort band for awhile playing mainly at Fox's Hole in Coogee. Line up included Andy Anderson (aka Andy James) and guitarist Phil Eisenberg.
After enduring medial work to support his new family including two months pressing vinyl at Festival Records, Philip embarked on a new career in television production in 1980 in the area of studio lighting, then audio director/supervisor. His work in Sydney television stations and outside broadcasts had been his mainstay since, his trumpet rarely out of its case.
In 2009, he obtained a diploma in Digital Media, which at his age became more of a hobby than a livelihood. His web page design and online creation of this archive exists because of it. He has always lived in Sydney.
"Care to come down and give us a few blasts on your trumpet? There's a couple of guests we want to shift!"
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