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 Price list ($AUD) as of 1/6/2012
3/06/2012Project deposit100.00
18/06/2012Scan prints and papers + Level A fix9 images x $1.46-13.14
18/06/2012Scan extra handling7 images x $0.35-2.45
20/06/2012Digital camera images Level A fix2 images x $0.75-1.50
25/06/2012Level B fix for selected images2 images x $5.00-10.00
23/07/2012Level B fix 10% refund (album use)1 image x $0.500.50
7/07/2012Family tree1 tree x $23.50-23.50
9/07/2012Album formatting – 'mini layout'10 images x $0.14-1.40
15/07/2012Album formatting – ‘full layout'10 images x $0.24-2.40
23/07/2012Album printed – 178gsm paper6 pages x $1.38-8.28
30/07/2012Album adjustable – 60 page folder1 album x $8.70-8.70
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